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Virtual Emergency Operations Center

This is the Emergency Operations Center for Georgia State University in downtown Atlanta, GA enabled by Georgia State University. This site is for web-enabled communications during an university emergency, urban-based or regional emergency or other incident. During a serious incident, important directives and information will or can appear on this page. This site is designed to present critical university directives so that efficient and timely information is available to the the public, but more specifically, to Georgia State University students, faculty and staff.

Benefits of This System

Instant Communications
To initiate a message to all students and staff via e-mail. Please log in and click on Mass Messaging.

Sharing of Details
Direct students and faculty via mass messaging to read updates and unlimited details through created action plans.
To edit action plans log in and click on content pages.

Ongoing Posting of Preparatory Disaster Training
To create disaster training and assessment programs for university staff and students log in and click on Training.